HR professionals-principles, role and skills

I have been thinking a bit about the principles for HR professionals  but also how this might translate into a suggested role for HR managers and what skills they might require to carry out that role.

My three key principles for successful interventions by human resource managers:

  1. Purposeto ensure that purpose drives the balance of individual and organisation needs, not the other way around;
  2. Objectivity– to aim to continually raise the level of objectivity where personality, power and ego would otherwise drive the organisation;
  3. Humanity– embrace humanity whilst recognising that people are contradictory, often difficult and absolutely essential to the success of any enterprise.

I think the role for HR professionals is to support the purpose of the organisation and the work of employees in equal measure, and also to seek opportunities to influence the direction of the organisation positively.

To do this well, HR professionals must implicitly understand the purpose, the nature of the organisation and business processes, and where the organisation is heading.

To get this kind of understanding will likely require asking lots of questions and getting your hands dirty – sitting on the production line, driving out to far-flung places, getting in the thick of the day-to-day work of the people you serve and really trying to understand their issues and how best to help.

It is also likely to require you as a HR professional to help resolve conflict. I believe this is one of the inevitable jobs we have to do, and it is appreciated. We must use established and agreed principles, processes and rules to help resolve conflict but the nature of humans is that there will always be difference and disagreement, and not always enough maturity or skills to resolve it between the warring parties.

So, expect to roll up your sleeves and get busy!


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